Stock investing

In The Netherlands A Lot Of People Take Notice Into Online Brokers Because Of The Market Boom, But What Can Consumers Expect This Year?

In the Netherlands there are about ten online brokers to choose from. Are you considering investing, because saving doesn’t yield enough return? In three quarters of the investors who invest for 3 years or less, the low interest rate on savings products has played a large/transient role in starting to invest (76%). This is significantly more than a year ago (Q1 2018: 61%, source: AFM Consumer Monitor). Below you will find information for beginning investors. After all, it would be a shame if you lose your savings due to an incorrectly estimated investment.

Choose a form of investment

There are various forms of investment available. Take a look at the possibilities below.

Self Investing

With this form of investment you compose your own portfolio and invest in shares and/or bonds. According to the AFM Consumer Monitor, this is the most popular form of investment in the Netherlands. Independent investors opt for execution only because they believe they can make good choices themselves. Cost considerations are particularly important for this group of investors. Popular providers are DEGIRO because of its extremely low rates and BinckBank because of its user-friendly platform and €200 free transaction credit.

Investment funds

With investment funds, you buy shares or bonds in a fund. The money invested by you and other investors is invested by a manager. Confidence in an investment advisor is the main reason for investors who choose this form of investment. Popular investment funds are Binck Fundcoach and CORUM Vastgoedfondsen.

Asset management

As with investment funds, you outsource the management of your assets to a professional investor. The only difference with the form of investment funds is that in this case the asset manager also maintains personal contact with you. Insufficient knowledge of investment plays the most important role in choosing this form of investment by investors. At Binck Comfort there is the comfort of active attention to capital growth and risk limitation if you are in Marihuana aandelen in Netherlands. Investors can invest as little as €5,000.

What does investing cost?

Before you start investing, find out what a certain product costs. Because, investing is not free. There are always certain costs involved. For example, you often have to deal with transaction costs, but there may also be management and administration costs. Especially if you choose to invest in an investment fund. So keep that in mind? Because the costs of investing in an investment fund can have a significant impact on your return.

What is your knowledge of investing?

If you are going to invest yourself, you must have some knowledge of financial markets and investments. It is important that you are able to analyze investments and stay informed about social developments.

How much time do you have available?

Investing does not have to take up a lot of time. The fund investor can put together a portfolio with relatively little effort and time. If you invest yourself, you obviously need to free up some time to delve into the subject matter.