What should you look for in the search for an LG washing machine on the Internet? Read through the steps here

When looking for a new washing machine, there is still more to it than you thought. You want to spend your money on a well-considered washing machine, with the right options, for the right number of people, with a certain energy label, and not unimportantly, with the right budget.

  • That this is a personal choice should be clear, but we can give you a hand.
  • A washing machine has a number of features and conveniences that we are almost certain you did not know about, or at least had not looked into. And that’s why we’ve done it for you.

What is a good drum size for your needs and wants?

The drum size is definitely the most important starting point in your search for a washing machine. In addition, there are a number of points, which you should definitely consider. Machines that can spin at 1600 rpm are considerably more expensive, while this is only necessary if you are a big user of the clothes dryer.

Where should you buy a washing machine on the internet?

We have listed all the information that you can take into account when buying a washing machine, but also why some washing machines are more expensive than others, because a well-considered decision manifests itself in a washing machine and a cost that you are satisfied with. On the different tabs you can find a number of brands in the washing machine industry and of course additional explanations about different types of LG wasmachines.

Spin at 1400 or 1600 rpm?

With new washing machines you can choose between models that spin at 1400 or 1600 rpm. This rpm indicates how many times the drum spins per minute to slosh moisture out of your laundry. As a rule of thumb, the 1600 rpm washing machines spin it dry better than the 1400 units, but for more certainty you can look in the specifications for the residual moisture percentage. On the toppers this percentage is 44%, but usually it is 52%. Is this bad in practice?

Not really. Centrifugation is especially a concern if you often dry your laundry in the dryer. The drier you put laundry in the dryer, the more energy efficient and faster your dryer is. By spinning properly, your clothes dryer will consume about 250 euros less in energy over 10 years fort he brand Miele. This is because the dryer centrifugation by the washing machine uses less energy than the drying process of the clothes dryer.