Health insurance student

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This is the first advice mentioned as it is also the most important. Even though your school may not require you to have a plan until the day of school, it is never a good idea to delay too long on something as important as health insurance. It is best to start looking for a good policy in time, even before you leave your home country, which guarantees coverage from the moment you arrive at your destination. One of the best ways to make sure that you choose the right plan is to use a website for zorgverzekeringen vergelijken in The Netherlands, this will save you money and will help you with choosing the best plans for a student.

Buy a plan that meets your visa requirements

Many places in the world (such as the United States) have health insurance requirements that you are required to meet to enter the country, depending on your visa. Students on an F1 visa do not have to follow federal regulations, and instead must follow the guidelines given by their institution. J1 visa holders, on the other hand, must comply with a strict list of government mandates, including repatriation and evacuation coverage along with minimum certified periods of validity.

Don’t forget your school’s requirements

Your school is aware that not all insurance plans are the same. Because of this, many schools have created an insurance waiver form, listing the requirements that an international student’s plan must have in order to be considered comparable.

  • Since schools rarely make exceptions to these requirements, it is important to find a plan that meets your waiver and purchase it before the deadline. You can find your school’s insurance requirements by contacting the international affairs office or doing a quick search of our school insurance requirements database.

Find out if you need a waiver form

Tip: To save yourself a headache, contact a certified insurance agent to understand your every requirement before purchasing a plan for an autoverzekering.

Some schools require not only that you purchase an international health insurance plan, but that your insurance company completes an insurance waiver form (also known as a Compliance Form) to show that you have adequate coverage before you register for classes. After you make your purchase, simply fill out the student portion of the form and send it to your insurance company so they can complete it. From there, the company will complete the rest of the form, sign at the end and then email or fax a copy directly to the school.

Verify your eligibility

Each health plan has certain criteria that must be met in order to qualify. International student insurance options require a valid student visa, but will not require internal information such as a social security number. Sometimes these plans require you to attend school for a certain number of hours per week in order to remain eligible, so make sure you meet each plan’s eligibility requirements before you buy.